Friday, May 27, 2011

Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Review

Jules Gluten Free makes a really good gluten free all purpose flour. It’s my favorite gluten free all purpose flour and I’ve been substituting it in some of my gluten free recipes with good results. I’ve also tried substituting it for regular (white flour made from wheat) flour in some regular recipes as well.

I substituted Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour in the Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe to make delicious chocolate chip cookies.

They did spread a little more on the parchment lined pan than I remember them spreading with regular flour but they were delicious. Interestingly, the cookie dough that I stored in the freezer baked up better, spreading less.

So next I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the Jules Gluten Free website. Some pans of cookies still spread slightly more than I would have liked, but it seemed to be related to which type of pan they were baked on.  The douple layer cookie sheets without sides resulted in cookies that spread more than the jelly roll style pans (with sides).   The cookies were delicious with crispy outsides and soft insides. 

I used the Jules Gluten Free flour in a basic pie dough recipe to make gluten free pie crust with good results as well. It was blander than a pie crust made with regular flour, but it worked well for the chicken pot pie I was making. (Sorry, no picture of the pie.)

Finally, I made gluten free brownies using the Jules Gluten Free flour with the Hershey’s Best Brownie recipe.

And I added a 12 ounce bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, because that’s how I make brownies.

I haven’t ever made these brownies with regular flour, so I don’t have a good comparison. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I made any brownies without a mix.

{hanging my head in shame}

Observation: this gluten free brownie batter was more fluid than brownie batter from a mix.

The brownies were rich, chocolaty and delicious!

But since I’m a scientist, I’ll have to make brownies again with another recipe for comparison to make sure the results can be duplicated. Because it’s important that results be duplicated – it’s a science thing.

But it’s OK, I’ll make the sacrifice in the name of science.

I don’t know how the Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour compares in price to the cost of mixing my own gluten free flour blend, and this is something I plan on looking into. However, Jules Gluten Free has frequent sales, so it’s easy to reduce the cost of buying their flour by taking advantage of these offers.

What's your favorite gluten free flour blend?



  1. Jules is the best! Thanks for the review. I've found that the colder the dough for cookies, the less spread, by the way.

  2. The cookie dough should be refrigerated or frozen prior to baking. This will allow the cookies to set up and not spread. Also, do not use margarine. The "air" cookie sheets are not great for these cookies, regular cookie sheets work best. You can also keep the dough frozen later use. Yummy cookies!!!!

  3. Never Tried Jules Flour Blend, I make my own because I like to support my local businesses. Would not mind giving it the old girl scout try tho. I too am a Cancer Survivor. We have that in common. I think mine was undiagnosed Celiac related tho.

    You should come on over for a visit and enter to win the Betty Crocker Baking Mix I'm giving away.

    Extraordinary Life

  4. Great review! I, too, haven't use Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. This might really help in baking stuffs like cookies and cupcakes. Thanks!