Sunday, October 23, 2011

Imagine Beef Gravy (Review)

Gravy is easy to make if you have some stock, broth, and/or pan drippings to work with. But if you don’t or just want the convenience of canned gravy, it can be difficult to find ready-to-serve gravy that doesn’t contain gluten.

I’ve found one brand of gluten free ready-to-eat gravy, and my entire family likes it. Imagine Foods’ Savory Beef  Flavored Gravy comes in shelf stable cartons, contains no gluten, and it’s delicious.

I buy Imagine gluten free Beef Gravy locally at the Bellingham Food Co-op, but it’s also available directly from Imagine Foods. (I'm not receiving any form of compensation for this blog post.  I just really like the product.)


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