Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review of Mi-Del Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies

Last weekend Fred and I went to Grocery Outlet. Not only are their prices good on most things, you just never know what you'll find there.  It's sort of a foodie adventure.

Sometimes I find great deals on gluten-free foods, too. 

Like the time they had gluten-free pasta for half what it costs to purchase at any of the other grocery stores in town. So I bought enough to last us for several months. 

The person behind me in line commented that I must really like pasta.  I explained that it was a really good price, so I was stocking up.  I'm not sure she believed me.

Stocking up when I find a good price is how I shop, then I plan meals around what I have in the freezer and in the pantry that was purchased cheap.

Back to last weekend's trip.  They had some gluten-free vanilla sandwich cookies for 99 cents per package.  That's about 1/5 the cost of the gluten-free sandwich cookies at the co-op.  I hadn't tried them before, but I had tried other Mi-Del gluten-free cookies and liked them.  So I purchased, um, "a few" bags.  OK, more then a few.  They'll keep well in the freezer.

These cookies are soooooo good.  Nice texture, not grainy, and absolutely delicious!  SCORE!


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