Monday, February 21, 2011


Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.     
                                                           ~ Berthold Auerbach

Working in the kitchen is tedious sometimes.  I haven't always felt like this.  I used to love playing with food, trying out new flavor combinations, learning what worked and what didn't.   But after decades of  following recipes, developing recipes, or just throwing things together, I'm kind of tired of the whole thing.

OK, I'll admit that being tired most of the time anyway doesn't help, but preparing food frequently feels more like work than the play. 

Nevertheless, my family has to eat, and relying on having all our food prepared for us in the form of fast food, restaurant meals, etc. just isn't an option for us.

So, to make the work less tedious, I like to play music while I work. 

I enjoy a varitey of music, but today I would like to share a video created by my nephew, Tyler.  Tyler Lane is an amazing young man and a stunningly talented musician. 

Midnight Conclusions

Tyler Lane and Collective | Myspace Music Videos

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