Friday, December 17, 2010

Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Baked Goods Review

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box of cake and cookies yesterday from Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Bakery.  I guess it wasn’t a complete surprise since they had e-mailed me to see if I would like to review their products.  But with holiday preparations on my mind, I had forgotten all about it.

Shabtai Gourmet, a.k.a. Cinderella Sweets, Inc., is a family owned bakery based in Woodmere, NY. They specialize in gluten free, lactose free, soy free, casein free, peanut free & dairy free cakes and cookies. Also, Shabtai Gourmet is certified kosher for Passover by the OK Kosher Certification.

My taste-testers included two gluten avoiders and two gluten eaters. We were all very happy with the overall quality of these products.

The Apricot Roll was a jelly-roll style cake with a delicious sweet-tart apricot filling and coconut topping. I’m usually not a big fan of pastries with fruit filling, because I don’t care for the overly sweet fruit glop that is frequently used in baked goods. I liked the Apricot Roll, though. It contained just the right proportion of filling to cake, and the filling wasn’t overly sweet. The apricot flavor came through beautifully. All four taste testers liked it, and we were all impressed by the fact that we wouldn’t have known it was gluten free.

Pecan Sandies cookies are among my favorites, and the Shabtai Gourmet Meltaways were delicious. They have the fine texture and melt-in-you-mouth goodness that I expect of a pecan sandie cookie. They also make you want to keep eating them, which may not be such a good thing!

I'm not really familiar with Florentine Lace cookies. After trying Shabtai Gourmet’s Florentine Lace cookies, I feel like I’ve been missing out. How is it that I don’t know about these? They’ve taken two chewy-crisp, almost candy-like wafers and sandwiched dark chocolate between them. Soooooo good!  There was one small problem, though (besided that fact that I couldn't stop eating them).  The cookies didn't always stick well to the chocolate, so one cookie was kind of peeling apart from the chocolate.

Their chocolate chip cookies are similar to a basic store bought chocolate chip cookie. They’re a little on the dry, crisp side, and I prefer soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies. But they do have lots of chocolate chips and an overall pleasant flavor.

The Shabtai Gourmet website shows which retailers carry their products, and their products can be ordered online as well.

Now for the disclaimer: I received the cake and cookie samples at no cost to me. I am not receiving payment for reviewing their products.

Thank you to the people at Shabtai Gourmet for the box of delicious gluten free baked goods. We are all enjoying the delicious treats!

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